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Georgie Taylor

Above and below images description: Six side-by-side headshots of Georgie. She is white, her hair is brown and curly and a bit shorter than shoulder length, and her eyes are greeny-brown. She's looking a bit different in each image in terms of her hairstyle, top, and facial expression. January 2023, Rebecca Knowles Photography.

Hello! I'm Georgie, and I'm an actor, theatre maker, and access co-ordinator originally from Chester and now based in Birmingham. I love working with playful, curious people to create exciting community-focused theatre. I am queer and disabled, and what interests me the most in the rehearsal room is playfulness and cultivating a safe, secure environment together.

I'd love to hear from you! Please use the yellow "get in touch" button in the top right corner and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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What I'm up to - Spring 2023

Here are some of the exciting projects I'm currently working on, and I'm looking for more! I'd love to chat to you about auditions in the Birmingham area or creative and access roles UK-wide - please use the yellow "get in touch" button in the top right corner.

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-28 at 14.28.30.jpeg

Lying Lips Theatre Company's 'The Moth'

Performances 9th, 10, 11th March @ Old Joint Stock Theatre, Birmingham

Above image description: Two images stitched together. The image on the left is one of Georgie's headshots. The image on the right is the poster for 'The Moth', which features a grimey looking union flag and a moth.

I'm loving playing Stella in Act One of this 'A Streetcar Named Desire' adaptation! She's a beautiful character and I'm loving working with Lying Lips in their working-class-90s-Britain adaptation. Tickets here!

Schools Out/Class Divided's 'A Common Problem'

In R&D

Above image description: Georgie and three other creatives from the Schools Out/Class Divided team sit in front of a graffitied wall, smiling at the camera and each other.

It's ace to be access co-ordinator on this fab new verbatim play, based in London. 'A Common Problem' is made up of real interviews and explores class and everything tied to it - school, work, play, the Royals, and what you're having for your tea.

'A Book of Portraits'

Performance 21st April @ Hatton, Warwickshire

Above image description: Alex and Peter, the 43rd Custodians of the Book of Portraits, are standing in a forest facing each other and holding the book. Their heads are almost exactly the same as normal, except they're about five times the size and made of papier mache.

I'm really excited to be getting involved with the Brummie experimental performers crowd with this one...Alexander Kaniewski and Peter Bell's "A Book of Portraits" is going to be a folky, eccentric, community-centred promenade piece arriving in Warwickshire in April 2023. Tickets here!

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