Georgina Taylor

Above image description: A person with long hair stands backlit behind a sheet. The silhouette of their head or shoulders is seen on the sheet.

Hello! I'm Georgie (she/they), and I'm an actor, theatre practitioner, and educator originally from Chester and now based in Birmingham. I am queer and disabled, and improving accessibility to the arts is central to my work. Here, you can find more about me, my past work, and what I can do for your next project.


What I'm Up To

Here are some of the exciting projects I'm currently working on - and I'm looking for more! If you have a project in need of an actor, theatre practitioner, or educator, get in touch.


Rickety Fidgets' Storybook

Right image description: a laptop surrounded by paper props, including drawings of planets, trees, and birds.

After our tour got cancelled due to the coronavirus lockdown earlier this year, we decided to transform our lovely new show, Moonhead (or Finding the Best Route Back to the Sky in One Day or Less), into an interactive Zoom performance! We had such a great time that we decided Moonhead deserves a fresh lease of life - so we turned the play into a storybook! Our online version of the book is now live at and you can order a physical copy by emailing - check it out!

IMG_5335-1--1 (1).jpg

Rickety Fidgets' 'The Masked Femme'

Left image description: A person wearing pink boots and fishnet tights holds a sign that read "".

We're going to be on stage! Aidan's play 'The Masked Femme' was selected for development by the Unity Theatre, Liverpool. We're currently in our R&D with rehearsals in June and July before our performance on 23rd July in Liverpool - which you can buy tickets for (or watch online after 23rd July) here! 

Lamp - dabbling in drag

Left image description: A person wearing cardboard-box-shorts, a duct tape bra and bonnet, and not much else staggers into frame in a dimly lit hallway that has a terrible, dingy-pub-in-the-seventies carpet. 

I love drag, and it's been a while since I had a project that's just for me. I created Lamp - an anthropomorphic sexy lighting fixture - so I could bedroom-drag all my troubles away. It's super fun to make silly costumes, practice wild make up looks and then prat about a bit. It's keeping me sane...I think...


Get in Touch


Below image description: Three people are outside performing a counter-balance. Two people are standing back to back, one with their arm underneath the neck of a third person and the other linking arms with the third person, who is leaning backwards balanced on their heels.

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